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Handmade Mackinac Style
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Fudge Gift Baskets, Taffy, and More !

Our core products are handmade Mackinac style fudge but you can also find Michigan gift baskets, salt water taffy, chocolate specialties in our shop. Our products are made from natural ingredients with no preservatives, selling in a variety of flavors. You can also find some of your favorite treats in our Michigan shaped baskets. 

Michigan's Greatest Incorporated offers a variety of products that our customers have asked us to carry. We currently sell 24 different fudge flavors, which include but not limited to; olde English toffee, cookies & cream, dark chocolate, chocolate, chocolate walnut, peanut butter, chocolate turtle pecan, chocolate caramel sea salt, rocky road, chocolate almond coconut, dark chocolate granola, maple, vanilla, raspberry cheesecake and chocolate almond. 

Why choose our products ?

Our products are made with you in mind both financially and taste wise. This is one of the reasons why we sell our Michigan fudge in 4 oz slices to allow our customers to enjoy just the right amount of fudge without any going to waste. This is what makes us unique when compared to other fudge stores. We use the latest fudge kettle technology, which uses digital thermostats and an automatic agitator. This is why our fudge is consistent with every batch. 

We do not stuff our products with preservatives so you do not have to worry about any of their side effects. Our fudge is vacuum-sealed to provide ninety-day freshness from the time they get out of the melting pot.
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